Spiritual evolution. Social revolution.

Join us for our next workshop on Saturday, 11.17 at 2pm                                   Traditions and Tears: Self-Love for the Holiday Sneezon

  • individual acupuncture and holistic counseling sessions on a sliding scale
  • free initial consultation to answer questions about how our practice can serve you
  • Chinese herbal medicine, cupping, gua sha, EFT tapping, and scar treatments
  • low-cost workshops on topics ranging from meditation to pre- and post-op care for gender affirming surgeries
  • healing-centered holistic healthcare by queer and trans practitioners: we provide trauma sensitive, body positive competent care

Our office in Milwaukee’s Third Ward is accessible by ramp and freight elevator. We meet all patients in the lobby to assist with operating the elevator.

We cannot wait to get to know you and support your growth.